A Message from Rock;

When Gutter companies started the best way to find one was the Yellow Pages, you look up 2 or 3 companies and in those days each one would call you back, make an appointment for a bid, keep the appointment and you would pick the one you felt the best about.

I ( Rock ) have been installing Rain Gutters in the Mountains since 1977, and now Father Time is making me change the way I install a job. You the home owner pretty much know where the problem spots are. All’s I need to know is how long that piece is and how many stories is it off the ground, that’s it, if there is more gutters, just do the same thing, if there is a special spot your not sure about, just take a picture of that spot and email it to me.

Once I have all of the Gutter Footage and get how many Down Spouts there are, I can give you a price right on the phone, and if you want a separate price for Leaf Guard I can give that to you also. If the job is real big I have one Rain Gutter company that works with me to make sure you get the best job installed / how / because I have taught each and every installer the way I have installed my gutters to last for years, and after 40 years plus, you know I have it all figured out, it also takes the guesswork out of the big question, is the company I’m hiring good, do they carry workers comp. Do they carry insurance, the answer to all of this is YES , If the job is real big, I work for 15% and the company that installs the job works for the 85% check when the job is finished, so there is no added fees. Any questions you can call or email me.


Specialize in Mountain Installation.






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