How to estimate the cost of Raingutters:

First - measure where you want your new raingutters. If the first raingutter is 20 feet and the second raingutter is 25 feet, you have a total of 45 feet of raingutter material. How the house is built is not a concern, this formula is just to give you a general idea of what new raingutters will cost.

If your first raingutter is one story tall, and you have only one downspout, you have 10 feet of downspout. If your second raingutter is three stories tall, you have 30 feet of downspout. The total downspout on your home is 40 feet.

45 feet of raingutter plus 40 feet of downspout is a total of 85 feet. Multiply your total footage by $12.00 per foot for an cost estimate. 85 feet x $12.00 = ~$1020 cost. Generally speaking your cost will come under this estimate.

Additional Information:
Continuous Wedge adds more strength to the gutter system and is ideal for those who do not want gutters strapped to their roof. However, if the fascia is vertical (straight up-and-down), Continuous Wedge is not needed on your gutter system.

To include Continuous Wedge, add $10.00 per foot (of the gutter footage) and if you want Leaf Guard added, it will be an additional $10.00 per foot (of the gutter footage). Remember, only add the footage for Continuous Wedge and Leaf Guard to your gutter footage, NOT the downspout footage.

By providing you with a means to create your own rough estimate for the rain gutter project this will enable you to plan and fit the project into your budget.

Once this step has been completed, give us a call. We will come out, re-measure and provide a written proposal for your consideration.


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